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Bridging the Title IX Disparity with Ticket Sales

How we at MA+A attempt to change the Title IX Marketing Gap Title IX encompasses three basic parts that apply to collegiate athletics; participation, scholarships and the equal treatment of both

Dwayne Haskins Selfie-gate

How publicity for a team can affect revenue and ticket sales Washington Redskins rookie won his first victory as a starting quarterback this past Sunday while also starting the first selfie-gate of

Sport Teams Rebranding

Why are they important and why do you need a good one?  Rebranding a sport team can seem like a daunting task, but the result when done correctly pays off. Strong branding can help create a unity

Mary Cain – Nike’s Oregon Project Scandal

If you haven’t already heard of the Mary Cain/Nike scandal we’ll give you a short synopsis:  23 year old pro runner Mary Cain, came out about the abuse she faced under one of Nike’s most

4 Ways The Patriots Have Dominated The Marketing Game

4 Ways The Patriots Have Dominated The Marketing Game The Patriots are arguably one of the greatest NFL teams of all time, with 11 Super Bowl appearances, six Super Bowl rings, a 42-year-old

USF Football Athletes Play in the NFL

It's always interesting to see where athletes end up post-grad, we decided to check up on our University of South Florida Football alum to see who is playing in the league. Currently, there are

Gardner Minshew: The Marketable Mustache

Gardner Minshew II, named after no one since there is no existence of a Gardner I, is gaining popularity in the football world. The rookie quarterback for the Jacksonville Jaguars is known now

Antonio Brown: The Biggest PR Nightmare of 2019

Antonio Brown, the infamous ex-NFL athlete has created a trail of mayhem over the past eight months both personally and professionally. Read about his journey since March and why it is important

Turnover Objects in Collegiate Football

Miami Turnover Chain The chain which is debatably the most well-known turnover object in college football was originally created by Miami’s defensive coordinator. He wanted to find a way to

Top 10 Highlights from the First Week of College Football:

We compiled the top 10 highlights from the first week of college football. From a head coach calling plays from a hospital bed to a 72 point lead in the season-opening game, it was a wild week.Boise